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Pelican Air Cases Are Durable

Pelican air cases protect gear in all types of weather and give full protection against impact and shock at all times. These lightweight yet durable cases allow a large range of people to transport things for storage . Whether it may be with or without an inner foam lining, you can count on the durable exterior to keep any and all equipment safe. When you buy a custom Pelican air case, you can receive the assurance of quality with the Pelican lifetime guarantee that comes with your purchase.

About the 1485 AIR-TP Pelican TrekPak Air Case

Pelican air cases are ruggedly designed to handle weight with their immense strength. All Pelican air cases have been drop tested and submerged to assure that they are airtight construction. Meaning these lightweight cases can last a lifetime. Our lifetime guarantee proves that. The 1485 AIR-TP Pelican TrekPak Air case is available with a divider set, a variable divider system, no foam and cubed foam. For similar models, try the 1500 Pelican case.

Call to Check Out Our Great Selection of Pelican Air Cases

If you want to be ensured your equipment is always safe, please feel free to call and check out the great selection of high-quality Pelican Air Cases at Midwest Case Company today. Choose from our air travel cases or AirTrek cases for airtight storage. Whatever your need for storage and durability, you’ll find it all when you browse our website at or call us at 1(833)416-9548. 

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