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Choose Pelican Camera Cases to Protect Your Expensive Equipment

When it comes to camera equipment, finding the best ways in order to store and transport it is important for the ultimate protection of your prize equipment. It’s no secret that cameras can be expensive, so protecting them is important. Our Pelican camera cases help you to achieve that goal with peace of mind. We offer many different functional and high-quality cases that will help you to protect your items easily. They all come with a lifetime guarantee, meaning that our high-quality standard is ensured even after you purchase our case.

About the 1535AIR Pelican Air Case

Pelican air cases such as the 1535AIR Pelican air cases are designed to be strong and durable for a lifetime. They have been tested to ensure they are constructed airtight. They are available with cubed foam, no foam, divider set system and the new TrekPak variable divider system for customization. Choose from vibrant black, orange, silver or yellow color options. This is comparable to the 1510 Pelican case.

Shop Our Pelican Camera Cases Today

When you’re looking to protect your camera and to store and/or transport it, the cases we offer will do the job with industry leader standards, design and functionality. To look through the inventory of cases we offer, visit or give us a call at 1(833)416-9548. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have. Remember that all of our Pelican cases have an unconditional Lifetime Guarantee. To find out more about Pelican’s TSA approved cases and other products, browse our website at

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