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Peruse our Selection of Pelican Flashlights

When you’re looking for professional grade flashlights, Midwest Case Company offers a variety of Pelican models to choose from. Giving you the durability and variety that you need to find something that works best for your needs. We sell different sizes and even flashlight key chains for added convenience and options. All of our products, whether flashlights or cases, have a limited lifetime guarantee that your flashlight is made of high-quality materials, and is built to last (and will for a lifetime).

About the 2360 Pelican LED Tactical Flashlight

The 2360 Pelican LED tactical flashlight is constructed with an aerospace grade aluminum body and impact-resistant LED lamp module. In the event of an actual emergency, it also has a high, low and strobe light option on the tail button. Its non-slip textured body makes it extremely functional and easy to securely hold. It has a removable pocket clip for alternative carry options for all users. Choosing from four programs with up to 375 lumens of brightness. A battery level is indicated on the outside as well coming with the first 2 AA batteries needed to operate.

Search Our Large Inventory of Pelican Flashlights

At Midwest Case Company, we have a wide range of different types of Pelican Flashlights to choose from. They are meant to work in all types of environments, whether residential, commercial or for military or police operations both domestically and abroad. In order to learn more about what Pelican products we offer, visit our website at or give us a call at 1(833)416-9548. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have on our other storage options.

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