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Pelican Super V Cases Are Great For Your Electronics

Transporting sensitive electronics can be a real challenge, but that challenge is one that the state-of-the-art design of Pelican Super V Cases is equipped to meet. The Super V series has shorter shock mounts for more compact case dimensions and for the 7U through 14U versions, it comes in weight ranges for a payload of from 100 to 170 pounds per case. Complete with the Pelican lifetime guarantee, these sturdy cases will provide secure transport for any rack mountable electronic equipment. When you purchase a Pelican Super V case, you can rest assured that you and your electronic gear will get there safe and sound.

About the Super-V-11U Shock Rack Case

If you’re looking for a shock rack case that will carry a lot of your electronic or computer gear without weighing you down, the Pelican-Hardigg Super-V-11U shock rack case might just be the perfect fit for you. This case is service oriented, with strong shock mounts that keep your equipment stable and protected from drops and vibrations. As an added bonus, this case is still easy to transport, with its comfort grip plastic handles and coupling catches for stacking. Storing the lids when they are removed is also easy with the convenient lid hangers. You can rest assured that your equipment will be held at a stable pressure throughout your journey, because of the sealed gasket and PRV. Both watertight and airtight, this great case comes in standard black only.

Check Out Our Pelican Super V Cases at Midwest Case Company Today

When you need a case to move your expensive electronics without damaging them, check out our Pelican Super V Cases at Midwest Case Company today. Pelican is the industry leader in gear transport for the military and law enforcement, so their cases are top-of-the-line to meet those stringent standards and they’ll meet yours, too. Drop in and browse our website at or call us at 1(833)416-9548 and see all the superior products we have to offer you.  We’re waiting to hear from you and talk about what product is your best choice.

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