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Watertight Cases For Every Traveling Need

Whether you’re traveling by air, ship, or jeep, Midwest Case Company offers you a full line of Pelican watertight cases for every traveling need. These air and watertight cases are also dustproof and will resist corrosion while being lightweight and durable. Pelican watertight cases are so light that they can even float! Pelican watertight cases are ideal for the smart traveler, and are available in any size and for any purpose you need, from small digital devices like smart phones to laptop storage to military uses for large equipment and weapons. Our scratch and dent-proof resin cases are guaranteed for a lifetime of use, and are meant to go wherever you are going as a convenient accessory.

The 1615AIR-TP Air TrekPak Case Ships it There Safely

Our selection of Pelican air cases includes both airtight and watertight cases that are guaranteed to protect your belongings under almost any travel condition. You’ll be reassured that your items are safe during your travels with the Pelican air case. Constructed of strong, lightweight HPX resin, these cases have been drop tested and submerged in water to ensure leak-free travel. One great all-around Pelican air case is the popular 1615AIR-TP Air TrekPak Case, with exterior dimensions of 32.58″ x 18.40″ x 11.02″ and weight of 21 pounds. This case is available with no foam, or with cubed foam and the TrekPak variable divider system to organize your gear. The convenient T-handle and wheels make it easy to maneuver, and as always, it has the Pelican lifetime guarantee.

Call to Check Out Our Great Selection of Pelican Watertight Cases

If you want to be sure all your belongings get there safely, call to check out the great selection of Pelican Watertight Cases at Midwest Case Company today. Choose from our Hardigg military cases, our air travel cases, or our smaller cases for storage of cameras and other small devices. Whether you’re just going on a vacation adventure or an adventurous military mission, you’ll find it all when you browse our website at or call us at 1(833)416-9548. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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