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Choose a Hardigg Military Case for Durable Storage

If you find yourself looking for the strongest storage options, you should definitely consider choosing a military-grade case for their proven durability in the most extreme conditions. Every Hardigg military case is made of rotationally molded polyethylene, which has consistently fulfilled the rugged needs of our military personnel. Our Hardigg Military cases come with plastic or spring-loaded steel handles making them easy and efficient for transport. They can also be customized and configured in various ways to cater to the customer’s every need. Because of this, we offer a detailed list of various military case add-ons including colors, casters, stainless steel hardware, label holds and more. In addition, Hardigg Military cases are made to order. So, we highly urge you to double check all your specified dimensions and features before purchasing because orders cannot be canceled or returned once it is placed.

The 472-M60, M60 with Spare Barrel Military Case

At 6 cubic feet weighing almost 38 pounds, the 472-M60, M60 with Spare Barrel Military case features a pressure relief valve and a humidity indicator. It also has three comfort grip handles with lockable hasps to ensure efficient and safe transport for all your equipment. When looking at the weapon capacity, one M-60 and a spare barrel can comfortably fit in this case.

Browse Our Collection of Hardigg Military Cases Today

If you are in the market for high-quality, durable military equipment, Midwest Case Company has a large selection of military cases for you to choose from. With our selection of durable, lightweight, airtight and watertight equipment cases, we are sure you will find the perfect match for you. Check out our website at or call us at (833) 416-9548, so we can help you order a case fit for all your needs. Our dedicated staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our product selections.

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