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5 Reasons the Pelican Case Is Genuinely the Best

Over the years, PelicanTM Cases has become one of the biggest names in anti-shock travel cases; it’s almost a guarantee that if you’re looking to have a good time during your trip or journey, you need a Pelican Case. Whether it’s an ocean trip, a road trip, or even flying back home during the holidays, this is the case that will make the journey a success.

Professionals have used Pelican Cases for decades, and now they are available for everyone. They are perfect for photographers, videographers, travelers, hunters, fishermen, and anyone who needs to transport their equipment or other items in harsh conditions.

How Does the Pelican Case Work?

A plastic o-ring and tongue-and-groove fitting are the secrets to Pelican Cases’ watertight seal. By automatically releasing built-up pressure within the case, the patented pressure-equalization valve ensures that water is kept out while keeping it waterproof and easy to open.

And, like any stormproof case, there are plenty of reasons to choose Pelican Cases over their competitors. They’ve earned their place as the go-to case for a reason.

  • It Is Multipurpose. Pelican provides a range of specialized cases that offer protection for iPhones, cameras, laptops, and even pistols and rifles of military-grade quality. Cases designed by Pelican are long-lasting, sturdy, and crack-proof, with water-resistant, crush-proof, and virtually indestructible walls.
  • It Has a Temperature Control System. In addition to high-performance protective cases, Pelican products manufactures temperature-controlled packaging, rugged gear, advanced portable lighting systems for professionals and outdoor enthusiasts. The Pelican Cases are rated to resist temperatures ranging from -10°F to 210°F (-23.3° to 98.9°C).
  • Durable and Sturdy. Pelican Cases are a line of protective cases that use a patented shock-absorbing design to protect the contents from impact. The case is made out of a high-strength polymer and has a foam interior to protect the contents. Multiple drops from 10-to-15 feet are not an issue with Pelican Cases, making them perfect for camping or hiking trips. In addition, the Peli case is so durable that you won’t experience any trouble standing on it if you use it.
  • Pelican Cases are durable and lightweight, protecting sensitive items from damage due to weather or rough handling. Besides protective equipment for AirPods and Apple Watches, these products provide military-grade protection against drops or water exposure. In addition, because of the pressure equalization valve, the cases are buoyant and fully submersible.
  • UV Resistant. Pelican Parts’ StormproofTM material is designed and produced by a world-renowned textile mill, and it exhibits outstanding sun protection and UV resistance. The material has been in development for over 15 years.

The Best Cases

Midwest Case Company are the leaders in manufacturing high-quality cases that are built to last for a lifetime. Whether you’re going to use your case for storage or for your products on the go, Pelican Cases will more than meet your needs. In today’s world, where most things are disposable, we build cases to last for years—they’re durable and will protect your belongings from water damage and many other possible hazards.

At Midwest Case Company, We’ve Got the Case You Need

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