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Are Shell-Cases the Best Option for You?

For anyone who’s ever had to transport delicate equipment, you know how important it is to have cases that can protect what’s inside. What you may not realize, however, is that there are different carrying cases available, each with its benefits and drawbacks—the Shell-Case offers an ideal solution.

About Shell-Cases

Shell-Case is known for offering unique, high-quality cases, often tailored to the specifications of various industries, particularly the medical and electronics sectors. Polyester textile laminates are used to make shell cases with a closed-cell, semi-rigid EVA foam material inside. Soft nylon material is then used to finish the interior of the cases. In addition to its lightweight and unique aesthetics, this combination is also durable and hard-wearing.

While Shell-Cases are not 100% waterproof, they are coated with a water-repelling substance—the carry cases protect against moisture. Shell-cases are available in two major categories: the Hybrid Series of standard cases or a completely customized EVA carry case designed and developed to the specs of your specific needs.

Hybrid Series cases (formerly Standard 300 range) are stylish and lightweight alternatives to bulky plastic cases. Shell cases can provide a high level of protection for tools and equipment, making them suitable for presenting prototypes during sales meetings/presentations and testing equipment and medical devices.

Features of a Shell-Case

Innovative shell designs, unique materials, and exceptional workmanship create a professional look and feel. The modular internal pouches, moveable padded dividers, custom-cut foam inserts, or pre-cut foam inserts make Shell-Case industrial cases highly flexible. Also, built-in customizable elements make it easy to brand components such as name tags and logos.

Shell Industrial Cases Application and Options

A wide range of industries use Shell-Cases products, including broadcast and communications, aerospace, medical and pharmaceutical, OEM and industrial, military and government, sales, marketing, trade show, recreation, and sports. The following shell case options are available for presentation and equipment transportation:

  •  Medical Supplies Cases. A medical shell-case is practical, stylish, and indispensable for any on-the-go healthcare professional. Tough yet compact industrial shell cases are ideal for carrying, displaying, or presenting medical products. Multi-compartmental design and detachable shoulder straps make these medical shell cases incredibly convenient.
  • Test & Measurement Cases. Test and measurement cases from Shell are designed to meet the needs of professionals who carry equipment daily. These test and measurement devices are also lightweight and highly mobile.
  • Pro AV Cases. It’s easy to travel with audio and video equipment with a lightweight industrial shell-case. With the Shell-Case, you’ll be able to transport all that equipment while relaxed.
  • Optics & Photography Cases. Shell’s optics and photography cases solve your organizational dilemmas. Besides being lightweight, these cases are compact and convenient to carry.

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