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About Our Pelican iPad Cases

Pelican offers a large range of durable different laptop and iPad cases to protect your tablet and computer. Their laptop storage option allows you to choose from different sizes, and features such as inserts that will suit your needs the best. All of these cases have a lifetime guarantee, as they are made to be indestructible and are watertight, airtight and dust resistant. When you’re looking for a great way to store your iPad, look through our large selection of iPad cases.

About the 1065cc iPad HardBack Case

The 1065cc iPad HardBack case is one of our most popular and stellar cases. It is designed for 10-inch tablets, whether iPad, iPad 2 or iPad 2 with smart covers. It offers a highly functional watertight gasket with a tight seal when the case is shut, so it is protected from all weather. The easy open latch remains shut even under pressure when traveling or after any unexpected impact occurs. The automatic purge valve keeps all water and dust out efficiently too. The molded plush shock protection won’t scratch your tablet, and gives you peace of mind.

Find Out More About our Selection of Pelican iPad Cases

At Midwest Case Company, we offer a large selection of different Pelican iPad cases to choose from. We also have an easy to use guide that can ensure that your tablet will fit in the case of your choosing before you purchase it.  To learn more about the inventory we have of iPad and tablet cases, visit our website at or  give us a call at 1(833)416-9548. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have on our innovative products.

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