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Choose Pelican Hardigg Cases

When it comes to finding strong and durable storage options, our rugged and high- quality military-grade products are the way to go. All of our Pelican Hardigg military cases come in black with cobalt steel black hardware and spring-loaded steel or plastic handles (your choice). These military cases can be customized to meet the needs and storage demands of any of our customers. The brand offers many options in terms of customization whether color, stainless steel hardware, label holders and much more. These premier cases are made to order, so it’s important you take extra care to verify your dimensions and custom details before ordering, as we do accept any cancellations or returns for these cases.

About the 472-FTLK-LG Footlocker

The large 472-FTLK-LG footlocker is a distinctive plastic molded footlocker case that offers a lot of storage. There are two removable trays that are black along with edge casters and locking latches. You can choose from either tan or olive hues. All of our professional products including this footlocker all come with a limited lifetime guarantee.

Learn More About Military Cases Today

At Midwest Case Company, we provide a multitude of first-rate customizable Pelican Hardigg cases. These cases are custom ordered only at this time. Meaning that they are constructed only to our customer’s specs and are not available in bulk. You can purchase them in different sizes and/or colors according to your personal taste and décor preferences. To learn more about these cases, visit our website at or give us a call at 1(833)416-9548. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our extended list of products.

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