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Choose Pelican Luggage For Travel Security

If you’re an adventurer who likes to travel to remote or rugged areas, you’ll find it’s a great idea to choose Pelican luggage for enhanced travel security. Known for making luggage that’s both lightweight and tough, Pelican has the highest standards of quality along with their lifetime guarantee. Our luggage passes the most stringent testing for durability and ability to withstand heavy loads as standard operating procedure during your worldly travels. No matter where you’re going, when you choose Pelican luggage, you can count on having even your most delicate belongings get there in one piece. If you want more sensitive information about travelling, pop over to these guys

The Durable 1615TRVL Pelican Air Travel Case              

When you need both durability and organization for your traveling needs, the 1615TRVL Pelican Air Travel Case is an ideal choice. Security is guaranteed with the press-and-pull latches that have TSA key locks so that only you and a TSA inspector can get inside. With interior space of 29.6″ x 15.5″ x 9.4″, you’ll have plenty of room for all your belongings, and it’s easy to organize them with the packing cubes that let you arrange your gear in groups that you can lie side-by-side. The lid comes complete with organizers, and you can see what’s in them through their transparent mesh pockets. The case’s sturdy wheels and handles make it easy for you to tote it around the airport. The 1615TRVL Pelican Air Travel Case comes in four attractive vibrant colors and is designed to protect your belongings with flair. Why not have a positive accent to your travel wardrobe in our Pelican Air Travel Case? You certainly deserve to arrive to your destination in style, and we agree with you.

Call to Learn More About Our Selection of Pelican Luggage

Midwest Case Company offers you many different models of Pelican luggage to get you and your belongings safely to your destination. Unpacking is a breeze when you use our cases with built-in organizers, you’ll never have to rummage around inside to find what you want. You can be reassured that for safety, security and style, you can’t beat the selection of Pelican luggage at Midwest Case Company. To learn more about the 1615TRVL Pelican Air Travel Case and other products, browse our website at or give us  a call at 1(833)416-9548. We will be gladly more than happy to answer all of your questions.

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