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About TrekPak Cases

The TrekPak system uses divider panels, pre-installed wall sections inside the case as well as locking pins in order to create a refreshingly different variety of cases. You have only to lay your foam in the case, measure and cut divider sections to your custom design, and then lock them in place with the U locking pins. Your new and custom case is architected by your own dream of what you want your case to be. Extra divider material is provided if you change your mind, and when you want to redo your case in the future. Other divider panels are available for purchase separately too.

About the 1525AIR-TP Pelican TrekPak Case

Pelican air cases are designed in order to be strong and durable. They have been drop tested and submerged to ensure they are constructed as airtight as possible. They are made of a lightweight HPX resin that will last a lifetime. The Pelican guarantee grant that. The 1525 AIR-TP Pelican TrekPak case is available with cubed foam, no foam, divider set or the new variable divider system for customization. The two wall panels come with five dividers and 20 pins and pull tabs and a cutter tool to make customization simple. It is very comparable to the 1520 Pelican case.

Browse Our Website for Pelican TrekPak Cases

When you need storage and transport cases, Midwest Case Company has a large selection for you to choose from. All of our durable, lightweight and airtight cases come with the Pelican lifetime guarantee. Many are customized which is a fun option, so check out our website at or call us at 1(833)416-9548 and we’ll help you order a case with all the features that work best for your needs.  Our dedicated staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our products.

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