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Protect Your Gear with a Pelican Classic V Case

From demanding professions like firefighters and first responders to adventurers who need to carry their equipment, Pelican Hardigg Classic V cases are designed to handle everyone’s gear transport needs. Whether you’re looking to protect and secure electronics or tools, Pelican Hardigg Classic V cases are known for their high performance in strength and durability at the minimum weight. With a Pelican Classic V case, you can be confident in its durability and ability to last a lifetime.

A Look at the Classic V-5U Shock Rack Case

The Classic V-5U Shock Rack Case is a prime example of Pelican’s innovative technology in durability and effectiveness. Pelican is widely known for their cases’ ability to protect their customers’ equipment from any impacts or shocks, and this case is no different. Measured with a 27 x 45.8 x 16.6 exterior and in several weight ranges, you will have more than enough space to transport all your equipment safely while still being lightweight. There are also almost no limits on the electronic devices you need to transport due to their REACH and RoHs compliant design. Every Classic V-5U Shock Rack Case also comes with a sealed gasket and PRV to thoroughly protect your gear from excessive humidity in any location.

Browse Our Selection of Pelican Classic V Cases Today

If you are looking for a reliable, durable case to help you transport your valuable equipment, browse our great selection of Pelican Classic V Cases to find the one that works best for you. Midwest Case Company offers a lifetime guarantee on all of its Pelican products, so you can be confident your case will last you through any impact. Lucky for us, it’s easy to guarantee a product that is known to last a lifetime and beyond. Browse our website at or call us at (833) 416-9548. We would love to answer all your questions about any of our products.

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