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The Best Cases to Eliminate Load Movement—ISP CASES

Shifting loose cargo can slow down your operations and threaten the mission with damaged freight. The new ISP Case from Pelican from Midwest case shipping is her to save the day. With its unique Inter-Stacking Pattern, the patent-pending system is compatible across six different case sizes from 4 to 25 cubic feet of storage. ISP case has a silicone sponge O-ring and pressure release valves that make it resistant to extreme weather and wet conditions.

What Do We Have in Our Store?

At Midwest Case Company be assured of both quality and convenience. Some of the cases available include:

Product Number                                                                    Internal Dimension         

ISP Case – IS4517-1103 (no Foam)        REIS4517-1103NF            45″L x 17″W x 14″H

ISP Case – IS4537-2303 (No Foam)       REIS4537-2303NF            45″L x 0″W x 45″H

ISP Case – IS2917-1103 (no Foam)        REIS2917-1103NF            29″L x 0″W x 29″H

ISP Case – IS2117-1103 (no Foam)        REIS2117-1103NF            21″L x 17″W x 14″H

ISP Case – REIS4521-2303 (no Foam)   REIS4521-2303NF             45″L x 21″W x 26″H

ISP Case – IS3721-1103 (no Foam)        REIS3721-1103NF            37″L x 21″W x 14″H

Why Go for This ISP Case?

There are several reasons why this is the best ISP case, including:

  • ISP Cases are designed with wave-like design stacking ribs and molded in-discs that work in tandem to lock the cases together in a stack. The integrated wave design also allows for easy cross-stacking across all six models in the group and enhances their rotationally molded polymer construction’s load-bearing properties.
  • It saves a lot of space. Optimized for most known pallet sizes, including the U.S. Military’s new Joint Modular Intermodal Container system, the ISP Cases are available in 6 sizes that can accommodate a range of 4 to 25 cubic feet of usable storage space.
  • Secure and waterproof. With these cases, you don’t have to worry about security. It contains features like an O-ring seal to ensure that the case stays secure and watertight in transit. It also has an internal atmospheric purge valve and up to eight “comfort grip” high-impact polymer handles to ease team lifting. Lockable steel cable catches with a cobalt finish, and an integrated card label holder is standard on all models. For accessible one-person transit, edge casters are included on select models. Skid runners are included in larger models.
  • Available in different colors. Don’t worry about what color will match your luggage. ISP Cases are available in black, desert tan grey, O.D. green, and safety red, along with a host of optional features that include stainless steel hardware, as well as a choice of purchasing the case with or without layers of polyethylene foam.

Can You Return Your Case After Purchase?

No, these rotationally Molded cases manufactured by Pelican-Hardigg are molded to order and are non-cancelable and non-returnable after the order is placed. At Midwest shipping case, we urge you to double-check all dimensions and make sure the case you order is correct before purchasing.

At Midwest Case Company, We’ve Got the Case You Need

Whether loading standard pallets, JMIC containers, 463L pallets, NATO pallets, or sea containers, the ISP Case system makes the most efficient use of limited spaces, all the while keeping your gear protected from even the harshest elements.

To learn more about ISP Cases and why we believe they’re the best option for protecting your cargo, check out our website at To learn more about our company and other products, contact us at To place an order, go to our website or call 1-800-515-1055.

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