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Laptop Shipping Cases—The Reliable Way to Transport Your Laptop

Laptops are precious investments that contain sensitive information and need to be kept safe during a shipping process. Are you looking for a high-quality shipping case for your laptop? Whether you want to ship one or multiple laptops, the Midwest Case Company has just the right product for you. When choosing a laptop shipping case, an essential factor to consider is the size of the case. For this reason, Midwest shipping case offers customizable laptop shipping cases that will fit your laptop perfectly.

A high-quality shipping case is designed in lightweight and durable material. Midwest Case Company offers a variety of different types of laptops shipping cases, including:

  •  Pelican Case 1490. This high-quality laptop shipping case is very durable; I bet it can last you a lifetime. The pelican case 1490 dimensions are: internal 17.75’’by 11.37″ by 4.12″, external 19.87″ by 13.93” by 4.68”. The case is super light, weighing only 5.47 Ib.—it’s very portable. It is fitted with three polyurethane foam layers in the interior that ensure your laptop is well protected. It is perfect for laptops of dimensions of up to 17.25” by 10.87’’ by 2.62”. Be sure it perfectly fits your laptop before purchasing. The Pelican Case 1490 has the following outstanding features:
    • It is watertight
    • Dustproof
    • Crushproof
    • Automatic pressure equalization valve
    • Double safety locking system with a key
    • Despite having outstanding features, this laptop shipping case is very affordable, and the price ranges from $157.95 to $173.95.
  • 1495CC1 Pelican Deluxe 17-inch Laptop Case. This is a notebook and laptop shipping case that is crushproof impermeable to water and dust. It has a lid organizer that helps you keep your notebook pens and other items you may need as you travel. It is fitted with a shock absorber that gives your laptop extra protection. It can fit laptops of a dimension of up to 16″ by 12″ by 2″. For only $299.95, you can own the 1495CC1 Pelican Deluxe 17-inch laptop case. The features of this outstanding shipping laptop case include:
    • Stylish lid organizer
    • It comes in two colors: black and desert tan
    • Padded computer sleeve
    • It weighs only 11.1 pounds
    • Utility Pouch

At Midwest Case Company, We’ve Got the Case You Need

At Midwest Case Company, we know that your laptop is an essential asset to you—we offer a variety of cases that are proven to protect your laptop from any external damage caused by dust, moisture, or even collision. To learn more about Pelican Cases and why we believe they’re the best option for protecting your laptop, check out our website at To learn more about our company and other products, contact us at To place an order, go to our website or call (800) 515-1055.

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