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Reasons to Buy TrekPak Cases

When most people think about protecting their instruments, they go for the industry standard: foam. Felt, bubble wrap, and packing peanuts are all commonly used materials. However, these materials are not effective at protecting your instruments from damage while being stored or shipped.

This is where TrekPakTM comes in. TrekPak is an innovative instrument protection system with a patent-pending design to create a custom fit for every instrument. This design creates a void-free interior that will protect your instrument in any climate.

What is TrekPak?

TrekPak is a divider and pin system for protecting your gear inside Peli Case. TrekPak’s configurability sets it apart from other case divider systems. With the TrekPak system, you can outfit your case with precision.

Advantages of Cases with Trekpak

  • You Can Safely Pack More Gear in Your Case. These rigid panels are only 7/16″ thick (1.1 cm) and provide a precise protection grid without taking up any space. By combining TrekPak’s foam bottom and foam lid, a 360-degree cocoon forms inside your Pelican case. Also with TrekPak, you can easily change your divider arrangement if your gear changes. Moreover, it comes with extra divider material to allow you to create new panels as needed. If this is used up, you can buy standalone divider panels for most cases.
  • Easy to Set Up and Install. The cutting tool is guaranteed to deliver straight cuts every time. With the TrekPak double blade tool, you place the device anywhere in the hole and pull it out. It has a center guide that tracks in the corrugated center.
  • Occasionally, foam cavities increase in size as they are repeatedly used, making the fit around your equipment increasingly loose. However, the rigidity of TrekPak allows cavities to keep much of their original shape.
  • Multipurpose. Although TrekPak can be used for a wide range of equipment, it was explicitly designed to protect and store cameras, lighting equipment, lenses, and related accessories. There are many other items you can use with TrekPak to cover a variety of professions and leisure activities.
  • Reduce Case Weight. TrekPak’s pins are made of anodized aluminum, so it’s lighter.
  • Allow for More Space. Unlike regular padded dividers, TrekPak are thinner, so there is more room for your gear.

Trekpak Travel Cases Made by Pelican

  • Pelican 1510
  • Pelican 1550
  • Pelican 1560
  • Pelican 1600
  • Pelican 1610
  • Pelican 1650

TrekPak inserts is available for some Pelican Air cases

  • Pelican Air 1485
  • Pelican Air 1525
  • Pelican Air 1535
  • Pelican Air 1555
  • Pelican Air 1605
  • Pelican Air 1615

Trekpak cases are lightweight, high-quality materials that make storage and transportation easy. Our Trekpak cases will be a superb choice if you are looking for an affordable way to store your instruments and supplies.

TrekPak may cost more upfront than foam or padded dividers but offers clear advantages over other interior choices. When compared to foam and padded dividers, TrekPak is a better long-term investment. Thanks to its greater strength and versatility, TrekPak will ultimately pay for itself.

We’ve Got the Case You Need

TrekPak cases are a great choice if you are looking for reliable, durable, and lightweight carrying solutions. They have a wide range of products with different features, so there is something to suit all needs. To learn more about TrekPak cases and why we believe they’re the best option for protecting your instruments, check out our website at To learn more about our company and other products, contact us at To place an order, go to our website or call 614-924-7811.

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