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Rack Cases for All Types of IT Equipment

During transportation, it is imperative to ensure your equipment is well protected. This is done using high-quality rack cases that protect the equipment from minor and major damages. Are you looking for a professional way to protect your IT equipment like audio equipment, wireless gear, or mixers? The Midwest Case Company has the perfect rack case for you.

How Do the Rack Cases Protect Your Equipment?

Rack cases like the Deep SKB Static Shock Rack Case or the Deep Fly Rack Case protect IT equipment. The case is designed to protect the equipment from shocks and vibrations. Shock mounts inside the case provide a buffer zone that isolates the equipment and absorbs shocks and vibrations.

The rack cases also prevent damage caused by external elements such as dirt. Frequent loading and unloading of equipment can cause bumping and collision of equipment. The rack cases protect the equipment from these hazards and ensure they stay scratch-free.

When purchasing rack cases, there are several factors to consider, including:

  • The equipment. Different equipment requires different types of cases for transportation. Industries like broadcasting, military, defense, science, and IT have critical equipment that requires safe transit. For instance, military and defense equipment such as servers and monitoring systems can be transported using a shock rack case that is resistant to high impact and has caster wheels for ease in transportation.
  • The depth of the rack. The depth of the rack depends on the equipment you intend to transport in it, but a standard depth for rack cases is 24 inches or 36 inches. The depth of the rack should allow room behind the rack mount gear and be able to contain cables and connectors that stay plugged in during transportation. Midwest Case Company offers the Deep SKB Static Shock Rack Case for IT transportation and protection. The rack comes in different sizes, and if you are unsure of the perfect rack size for your equipment, contact Midwest and get help for the best option.
  • The height of the rack. It is essential to consider the height of the rack; the height determines the number of rack units the case can accommodate. For instance, the Deep SKB Static Shock Stack case is available in seven sizes, the smallest being 3U and the largest 14U. The smallest can store an electric module with a height of 3U, about 5.25 inches long.

At Midwest Case Company, We’ve Got the Rack Case You Need

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