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Remote Area Lights Make Life Easier

Remote area lights can make life easier in many ways, but one way that stands out above the rest is its ability to be moved and changed easily. Whether you’re trying to change a tire or you’re out camping, remote area lights provide the perfect solution to living off the grid and being self-sufficient as possible.

A Portable Lighting System for Confined Spaces and Remote Areas

Light systems for remote areas (RALS) are portable, powerful, energy-efficient, and rechargeable without generators. In addition to offering a safe, economical, and convenient alternative to generator-powered lighting, these rechargeable LED work lights are extremely easy to set up. RALS lights up ravines, troughs, and riverbanks where other apparatus cannot.

First responders, military and defense, aerospace, and industrial customers have use these extremely tough portable floodlights made of polycarbonate / ABS or polypropylene (depending on the model).

Remote Area Lighting Systems

  • LED Flashlights. These highly durable, waterproof, and easy-to-use LED flashlights are a staple for operators in remote locations. A hands-free model can be worn on a helmet, increasing safety for emergency personnel.
  • Cart-mounted LED Lights. Light fixtures for remote areas need to be portable. They need to be mobile, deployable, and easy to store to provide flexibility and efficiency. They are mounted on wheels and are cordless. Combustible sites can choose explosion-proof models.
  • LED Light Towers. A wide and high-activity area is better illuminated with LED light masts. The units are ideal for remote areas with limited space, where elevated illumination is needed. A battery-powered variant can be deployed in the middle of a site to mark the perimeter or indicate entry and exit points without disrupting operations. Telescopic features enable simple height adjustment to accommodate different activities on site.
  • Rechargeable Battery Banks. In remote areas, power outages can delay projects and affect productivity. Rechargeable battery banks can prevent power outages. The battery banks are also mounted on carts to be transported around the site easily. Our units have 12V outlets to work with low voltage lighting systems and equipment.

Benefits of Remote Area Lighting System

  • Portable
  • Strong
  • Rechargeable
  • Easy to Set Up
  • Bluetooth Activation
  • Long Runtime
  • Extremely Versatile
  • Clean and Safe Energy
  • weatherproof rated IP65,
  • Heat, water, and fuel resistant

Rapid response units, helicopter rescue teams, and ambulances that can only handle a certain amount of weight will greatly benefit from remote area lighting systems. Remote area lighting systems are ideal for floodlighting traffic accidents, crime scenes, search and rescue operations, and many other uses.

At Midwest Case Company, We’ve Got the Lights You Need

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