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Seahorse Cases—Perfect Protection for Your Equipment

In the modern world of technology, we are exposed to many different items that require protection. Your phone, laptop, and tablet computer need a case for protection from the wear and tear of your busy life. Seahorse Cases provides cases for all types of electronics and other equipment. Watertight, crush resistant and dust proof, Seahorse cases have been engineered to withstand the harshest elements and ensure that your gear is protected.

Protection for All Types of Gear

Camera and Video Equipment. No matter what type of camera or camcorder you have, Seahorse Protective Cases has what you need. Seahorse cases automatically seal your gear against moisture, dust, and air. The accuform foam shell keeps cameras and video equipment protected from impacts and other elements. The internal padlock holes provide additional security, while the optional locking latches keep prying hands out.

Laptop and Computer Cases. Using the Seahorse Case, you can transport not only one computer, but also several laptop computers safely and securely in one case. A Seahorse case fitted with Accuform Foam provides essential insulation and security for effectively transporting multiple laptops or desktops.

Scuba and Diving Cases. It’s easy to transport and store your scuba equipment with Seahorse scuba cases. In addition to providing maximum mobility and protection, Seahorse cases are also safe for airline transportation.

Protective Tooling Cases. The cases will keep pins, tool inserts, and other instruments protected during storage and transportation. All tooling and moulds will be kept free of dust particles and humidity until they’re ready to be used again. Also, you can protect everything with the optional Accuform Foam.

Protective Firearms Cases. A Seahorse Protective Carrying Case will protect your sensitive items from dust, moisture, and other intrusive elements. The gun cases allow you to protect your ammunition, firearms, sights, cleaning gear, riflescopes, or bipods without the worry of rough handling. Seahorses feature dual padlock holes and optional locking latches so your items will remain safe and secure while in transit.

Medical Apparatus Cases. For Medical Apparatus that needs rigorous protection and high standards, Seahorse Cases provide the perfect solution. No matter what portable medical equipment you need protecting, these cases optimize your fieldwork applications by ensuring high quality, integrity, and dependability while protecting your medical equipment from dust, moisture, and corrosion.

Fishing Equipment Cases. Watertight fishing cases from Seahorse protect reels, lures, and other gear against damage or breakage. Seahorse cases are designed for airline travel and durability, so they will ensure that your fishing gear reaches your favorite fishing spot both safely and securely. The case floats if accidentally knocked overboard so that you can retrieve your fishing gear. Also, Seahorse cases come with dual padlock holes and optional locking latches for security.

First Aid Cases. In addition to carry-on cases for day trips and family survival cases for earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, and other disasters, Seahorse first aid kits also make excellent marine first aid kits.

Documents and Personal Items Case. No matter what item you are storing, Seahorse cases will ensure it remains safe and secure. Seahorse cases are easy to use and are perfect for storing items in any environment.

Musical Instruments. Protective foam surrounds the instrument to ensure safe transport and shipment. Due to the extremely tough polypropylene co-polymer used to create this case, instruments are a lot safer than in traditional carry cases.

At Midwest Case Company, We’ve Got the Case You Need

For those who want superior protection for their devices, Seahorse cases offer a vast selection of products that are perfect for your needs. Designed and manufactured in Southern California, all of Seahorse cases proudly come with a lifetime guarantee. At Midwest Case Company, we can help you find the right product to keep your device safe from damage.

To learn more about Seahorse cases and why we believe they’re the best option for protecting your valuables, check out our website at To learn more about our company and other products, contact us at To place an order, go to our website or call 614-881-5378.

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