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The Ultimate Guide to Super V Cases

There are various reasons the Super V-series is one of the most popular and best-selling rack cases. Electronics are sensitive to drops and impacts, but vibrations continuously strain soldered joints and delicate parts.

Understanding their design, features, and specifications will make it much easier to narrow down your choices based on what you need most when looking for a resilient power solution from Pelican.

Super-V-Series Features

In the Super-V series, Pelican-Hardigg offers cases in 3U, 4U, 5U, 7U, 9U, 11U, 14U racks with a 24″ depth. With the Super-V series, you get a front lid that is 2.20″ and a rear lid that is 5.20″ with molded-in edge caster wheels.

Super-V cases come with soft plastic handles, lid hangers, anti-reflective black latches, stacking catches, and a sealed gasket for water-tight seals.

Uses and Applications

  • Professional A/V
  • Mobile Video/Photography
  • Music and Entertainment Industry
  • News Reporting
  • Small Office Infrastructure
  • Prosumer/Commercial Drone Control
  • App/Game Development: HDD or Connected Server

How Super V Cases Work

The Pelican Super V cases are a medium-duty rack mount container featuring a full-boxed 19″ steel rack and a 24″ deep EIA standard rack, making tab mounts easy to use. Use 10-32 Imperial or M6 Metric clip-nuts to secure the clip nut to a square hole.

It has two lids, one 5.2 inches and one 2.2 inches, with handles on the latter and molded-in rear edge casters for convenient mobility.

Suspension mounts with shock absorbers protect sophisticated and fragile components like circuit boards, extending the life and durability of your pricey equipment.

The Wall Mounted Cylindrical Shocks are directly mounted to the case wall on V-Rack cases. They guard against both vibration and impact pressures. This shock mount is designed for applications requiring a lighter payload.

It also incorporates ergonomically designed grip plastic handles and lid hangers for keeping lids while in use and preventing them from falling on the floor in volatile settings, as well as easy coupling latches to keep cases from toppling once stacked.

A super-reliable gasket is employed to form an ultra-tight seal that works in unison with the anti-shear locking to prevent separation upon impact. The outer polymer shell does its job of absorbing impacts, and the shock mount inside dissipates residual movement. That’s why there are eight heavy-duty rubber shock mounts in the body to protect the frame. In addition, manual pressure equalization valves prevent vacuum lock, allowing the case to be opened at any altitude.

The case is incredibly sturdy with molded-in ribs to ensure reliable non-slip stacking of matched-size cases. It complies with RoHS and REACH regulations and Def Stan 81-41 Level J, Mil Standard 810, STANAG 4340, and other European standards.

A Super V Series case is excellent when you need rapid access to an off-the-shelf case and want to save money without compromising performance. However, these cases aren’t designed to hold high-end, delicate electronics.

At Midwest Case Company, We’ve Got the Case You Need

Midwest Case Company has a lot of experience with Super V cases, and we’ll be glad to explain the benefits and drawbacks of using them, as well as some tips for choosing the suitable case for your application. If you need help with your case order, we’re glad to assist you.

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