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The Complete Guide to Watertight Cases

Finding the perfect case to protect your equipment seems an impossible task, with so many cases out there that differ slightly from one another. Are you looking for a watertight case? Or one that’s shock-proof? What about something that’s both? Don’t worry—Midwest Case Company has you covered. Here’s everything you need to know about watertight cases and how to find the best one to fit your needs and personality.

Uses and Application

A watertight hard case is a sound investment if you regularly travel with your dive gear or are concerned about your equipment’s. They come in various sizes and are available in a variety of materials.

Watertight hard cases for underwater photographers and videographers are an excellent way to protect their equipment, such as cameras, strobes, and lights. They also work well for protecting laptops.

Features of Waterproof Case

There are several good reasons to choose watertight cases if you want to protect high-value, fragile, or business-critical tools, equipment, or products.

  • This type of plastic case is extraordinarily strong.The cases can withstand shocks, general mishandling, and even being run over by a car without bursting, and can survive being dropped from a great height. They are the most indestructible cases currently available. Therefore, a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty covers many waterproof equipment cases.
  • A typical case will have easy-to-handle handles, pressure relief valves (so that the case won’t open on its own during a change in pressure), wheels for easier transportation, and latches that can usually be locked for added security.
  • Foam inserts provide a convenient way to improve watertight cases. Hard watertight cases include high-density foam that can be cut, much like a puzzle, to fit your equipment perfectly. This foam eliminates movement of the contents and can also provide calculated levels of cushioning.
  • Good O-rings are necessary to make a hard case watertight. The majority of waterproof cases have an IP rating of 67 or 68. As a result, most watertight equipment cases can provide sufficient protection for your items.

Brands and Ranges of Waterproof Equipment Cases

These are some of the leading brands and options for safe transportation of high-value or fragile items:

Peli™ Cases. Besides its reliability, it also comes in an array of sizes and colors, making it a versatile option. Because it has been available for a long time, the cases are well tested and have received a rating of 67 on the IP scale.

Peli Storm Case™. Having undergone extensive military-spec testing, this range of cases is IP67 rated and will keep your equipment or tools safe. Furthermore, it has clever features, such as a pressure relief valve and much-improved handles, clasps, and wheels (on larger cases).

Nanuk. Their primary advantage is that they have many built-in features that are often extra in other cases. Nanuk cases come with integrated bezels, allowing electronics to be mounted easily without drilling the exterior. In addition, it still maintains the full IP67 rating.

SKB. It meets both Peli’s IP ratings and military testing specifications and has a wide range of sizes and styles to choose from. The SKB catalog offers several ranges (3i and 3R in particular), as well as an extensive selection of special cases designed for drones, musical instruments, and other equipment.

Hardigg™ Roto Mould. Among the most durable roto mold cases on the market, Hardigg cases stand out from any other brand. As such, if you need maximum protection for items of high value, then this is your best choice. In addition to the vast range of sizes, cases can be “cut and closed” to provide an even more comprehensive range of dimensions. Also, they feature a stacking feature, can be mounted on different racks, and have undergone extensive military testing.

At Midwest Case Company, We’ve Got the Case You Need

Watertight cases can help keep your valuables safe from water damage, and Midwest Case Company has a wide variety of these products available for purchase. To learn more about all of our case selections, check out our website at To learn more about our company and other products, contact us at To place an order, go to our website or call (800) 515-1055.

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