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What Makes HPRC Cases Different?

If you’re in the market for a hard case, there are several factors to consider when choosing which one to buy. Durability, portability, how well it stands up to bumps and scrapes, price, and more factor into whether you should purchase HPRC cases or one of their competitors.


Here are the reasons why you should choose HPRC cases over the competition:

Durability. HPRC cases will retain their distinctive characteristics even in extreme temperatures (from -40oC to 80oC). The HPRC cases are fully acid-proof, scratch-proof, corrosion-proof, and dust-proof while maintaining pp characteristics. Also, the cases are sturdy enough to withstand multiple drops and impacts.

Lightweight. The cases are designed to provide maximum protection with the least weight possible. Compared to other cases of the same size, HPRC cases are lighter thanks to the TTX01 material. Also, apart from Ttx01® making the HPRC shell thinner and more elastic, it enhances shockproofing properties. There are definite advantages to lighter cases, such as reduced transportation costs.

Corner Reinforcement. Hard case corners are prone to breaking in impact situations, so HPRC designers created hard, impact-resistant corners. Other aspects of the HPRC case have received the same level of attention.

Easy Opening Latches. HPRC has developed a two-phase latch opening system to prevent accidental and unwanted latch openings in the event of a drop. In addition, the latches are in the case’s base instead of the top, facilitating the more effortless opening and closing.

A Long Comfortable Handle. Handles on cases are essential because they carry a lot of weight and need to be highly functional. The HPRC handles have been designed to offer HPRC customers a more convenient, comfortable, and durable handling option.

Quality Certified Products. As part of the HPRC line of cases, the HPRC case has undergone rigorous testing according to national and international standards (ATA 300, IP67, STANAG 4280, DS 81-41, etc.). HPRC cases are Lifetime Guaranteed due to such reliable testing and certifications.

Automatic valve. HPRC cases feature an automatic valve that regulates the air pressure within.

Style. An unmistakable Italian style distinguishes HPRC cases from their competition. Those looking for quality, practicality, and a unique style will benefit from HPRC cases.

Uses and Application

Always use a resin case of HPRC regardless of your profession. HPRC shell’s TTX01® material makes it stronger, lighter, and more resistant to extreme temperatures, increasing its sturdiness, lowering its weight, and enhancing its sturdiness. HPRC resin cases are ideal for police and military, fire brigades, rescue teams, and storing medical equipment.

These unique features make HPRC cases different from the competition—they are made with close attention to detail and provide users with the protection they need to transport their equipment safely. They’re available in a wide range of sizes and colors, so you can easily find one that will suit your specific needs.

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