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Security and Convenience—Get a Rugged Case

One of the most important things you need when buying a gadget is purchasing a case or cover, one that provides solid security against accidents. At Midwest Case Company, we have made it easy for you with our rugged cases that come with high-quality features.

RR1814-12F Case w- Foam

This is the smallest rugged case you can get from our store. Its measurements are: Inside Dimensions: 17.75″ Length x 14.5″ Width x 6.5″ Diagonals. Base 3.75″; Lid 2.75″; Weight 11 lbs.

For as low as $186.46, you can purchase your ragged case from Midwest Case shipping. Features Include:

  • Heavy-duty piano hinge
  • stays
  • Franz Style Exterior latches
  • Attached are style exterior handles
  • Black tongue and groove aluminum valances
  • Combo Lock

In addition, our largest rugged case is also competitively priced.

Why Get a Rugged Case for Your Operation?

  • If you need a case that will serve you for a lifetime, these cases are highly suitable. They are durable because they are designed with sturdy and robust material. It is compatible and is designed with a neck strap for easy picking. It offers easy lock access and a simple snap to the users.
  • You do not have to worry about liquid leakages in your luggage. Roto-rugged cases include a guard that seals the ports and will keep filth and water out, so it doesn’t get harmed. It’s available in several colors and looks quite remarkable. It is known as one of the best waterproof case producers out there.
  • Available in a variety of colors. These are available in various colors and solid shapes online. Several waterproof cases allow users to protect their devices from fluids. So now it’s time to grab a waterproof, yet stylish, protection for the phone.
  • Offers solid grip. You can get a good grip on your valuables using this case. These covers contain rugged edges to make it possible to grip them firmly. These cases are available with solid stands and holders. It allows the users to elevate them on the surface. It is highly beneficial when you need team effort, and they have to hold on to something for it to be lifted.

We’ve Got the Case You Need

At Midwest Case Company, our rugged cases are designed to withstand severe impacts and accidents with rigid polymers, reinforced silicone, and other durable materials. All are appropriate for indoor and outdoor use by providing ample protection against outer elements. Like any tough case, rugged cases will add a bit of bulk—though not much weight—to your luggage, but the safety of added protection will make up for this inconvenience.

To learn more about our rugged cases, check out our website at To learn more about our company and other products, contact us at To place an order, go to our website or call 800-515-1055.

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