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SKB Cases—What You Need to Know

SKB Cases are an industry-leading brand renowned for their quality and innovation. SKB has been making cases since the 1970s, and they continue to create new products and innovations to serve their customers better.

Their main product lines include SKB ATA Cases, SKB Roto-Molded Cases, SKB Rackmount Cases, SKB Specialty Cases, and SKB Soft Gig Bags. If you’re interested in purchasing a new case, here’s what you need to know about SKB Cases before you buy.

Benefits of SKB Cases

SKB’s case offerings cater to various industries and applications through their selection of vacuum, rotational, and injection molded cases. Apart from musical instruments, SKB cases also come in options for sports, photos, videos, drones, electronics, and military applications. Features of SKB cases include:

  • Extreme durability and toughness. They produce ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene products that are virtually unbreakable and do not crack or dent under significant impact. SKB’s plastic material is three times stronger than many of its competitors.
  • Resistance to oils, solvents, acids, fuels, and a wide range of temperatures, ensuring protection from -200°F to +185°F.
  • Aluminum valances come with tongue-and-groove construction and feature corrosion-resistant hardware as part of its standard design. Molded ribs on some models ensure secure stacking, storage, and transportation.
  • No matter what you ship it in, whether it’s air freight or a cargo truck, these transit containers won’t lose their appearance no matter how much abuse they’re subjected to. But more importantly, whatever you have in your possession will be protected in the same operational state as when you first put it inside.
  • The case ranges for SKB come in a wide variety of colors (with black being the most popular). The iSeries also comes in green, tan, yellow, orange, and an unusually bright pink.
  • The SKB cases come standard with cubed foam inserts, but you can add custom foam inserts to virtually all SKB cases to provide the highest levels of protection.
  • All SKB products come with a full manufacturer’s warranty against defects in materials and workmanship while in possession of the original owner. SKB will repair or replace any product that shows a defect. Accidental, improper care, negligent or ordinary wear damages, for which SKB is not responsible, will be repaired at a reasonable charge.

Which Is Better, SKB or Pelican?

Between SKB and Pelican cases, there is not much of a difference. Both offer outstanding protection, a range of sizes, and customization options and have been rigorously tested. Your choice depends on which option has the right size for your equipment or which look is more appealing to you.

SKB cases are one of the best options for anyone looking to protect their valuable gear—law enforcement, musicians, sound engineers, avid travelers, and others who rely on their equipment. You can ensure the maximum performance of your gear by ensuring it is well protected—there’s no better option than SKB.

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