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Storm Cases: What They Are and How to Use Them

A storm case is a rugged case used for applications ranging from recreational photography to military device transportation. These rugged cases can protect valuable devices from various types of damage. Because of their durability and ability to protect sensitive or fragile equipment in almost any condition, it is ideally suited for transporting or storing sensitive equipment when not being used.

Key Features of Storm Cases

  • In addition to being water and airtight, Storm Cases have Vortex Auto Pressure Release valves that allow the user to adjust air pressure without letting water in. With these features, your items will remain safe even if you drop the case in water. These cases will preserve the condition of your items even if they are dropped or knocked about.
  • The dent-resistant, corrosion-proof nature of Storm cases ensures that your items won’t be damaged due to accidental spillages. They are made in America using a high-performance resin called HPX, which can withstand extreme temperatures and provide excellent impact resistance.
  • These cases are designed to protect sensitive equipment by providing patterned foam padding within their interiors. Foam padding in these cases can be custom cut to fit the specific dimensions of the intended items.
  • Storm Cases have wheels and easy-grip telescoping handles to move the cases around. They are also available in various colors and sizes to suit individual needs and guaranteed life.

Uses and Application

Military, Police, and Emergency Services. The Storm case comes in all sizes and can hold a variety of heavy-duty communication systems, laboratory equipment, scientific tools, drones and analytical instruments. Military, law enforcement, and emergency service professionals will find these cases an excellent choice due to their MIL-STD-810F, FED-STD-101C, and ATA 300 packaging standards.

Outdoor, Travel, and Nautical. An ATA compliant hard case lets you transport your gear safely and efficiently, whether it’s for overnight business travel or extreme adventures. A waterproof storm case is ideal for protecting sensitive electronics and tablets, laptops, sports gear, and more. Its Vortex® pressure release valve ensures that your Storm Case will remain dry and clean.

Industrial Engineering and Maintenance. The maintenance and industrial engineers use various instruments, from calibrators and data loggers to tachometers and gauges. These instruments must be protected from shock, heat, dust, and chemicals. With a Storm Case, all of this is possible, and you can also use them to install electronic equipment in a reliable, custom enclosure. You can convert several models into panels with an electronic interface using bezel kits.

TV, Film & Photography. Photographers, TV and film professionals use storm cases to move valuable photographic and broadcast equipment. There is an optional lid mesh pocket for storing cables and cords and a choice of interior configurations in which to cushion cameras and lenses. There are Storm models that are deep enough to hold drones.

At Midwest Case Company, We’ve Got the Case You Need

With the wide range of uses for storm cases, it’s essential to know what kind you need. Midwest Cases Company can help you sort through your options and find the perfect storm case for your business or home.

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